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The New Album DILWALE MARTE HAI Is Now Ready To Rock The Market

The new album “Dilwale Marte Hai” is now ready to rock the market. It is sung by Leslie Martin, a patriotic ex-serviceman and music lover and singer of Indian origin. He fought the war of 1971 in the army and was an excellent boxer. He had moved to Canada but his passion for music and the encouragement of his friends brought him back to India.

He is going to release his music album soon for which he has many songs and well planned. Even at the age of seventy-one, he is very lively and cheerful. He believes that music helps in living a stress free life! There is no effect of age in this.

The aim of his life is to spread this infinite magic of music to everyone so that people get relief from stress in their lives, they get peace and happiness.

His song “Dilwale Marte Hai” from “LM Universal Music” Music Album Produced by Singer Leslie Martin. Writer Ravi Basnet and music director and composer – Tabun is the facilitator. The director is Shankar Regar. Rapper D G Gogoi has added a new color to the song, overall this song is full of enthusiasm and energy and is worth listening to.


The New Album DILWALE MARTE HAI Is Now Ready To Rock The Market

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