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Working Birthday For Operation Mayfair Star Anjali Sharma

Birthdays are special occasions for everyone, a time to celebrate life, love, and accomplishments. For most people, birthdays are a time to relax, spend time with loved ones, and indulge in personal pleasures.

However, for an actress Anjali Sharma, the show must go on, even on her special day. ‘Operation Mayfair’ actress Anjali chose to work on her 27th birthday and delve into the dedication, passion, and commitment it takes to thrive in the world of entertainment. The actress is shooting for an upcoming project.

From the moment she stepped into the world of showbiz, our actress knew that her career would demand sacrifices, including the occasional sacrifice of her birthday celebrations. Growing up with a passion for acting, she had always been prepared to embrace the challenges that came with her chosen path.

Choosing to work on her birthday was not a decision taken lightly. It meant being away from family and friends during a time when most people come together to celebrate. However, she recognized that her career was more than just a job; it was her calling, her passion, and her lifelong dream. She understood that achieving success in the highly competitive world of entertainment required dedication, commitment, and the willingness to make certain sacrifices.

The diva, who is gearing up for the release of her movie ‘Son’ opposite Rajpal Yadav, has shot some amazing photoshoots for the festival of light, ‘Diwali’ and also in talks with few production houses for web-series and movies.


Working Birthday For Operation Mayfair Star Anjali Sharma

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