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Dr Madhu Krishan Rector Of The American University ( AUGP) As Keynote Speaker To Establish Global Peace Against War And Terrorism

His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan a World reputed Global Leader Of Global Peace was Keynote Speaker in an initiative to STOP WARS & GLOBAL TERRORISM and  to Establish Global Peace.

His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan a World reputed Global Leader Of Global Peace, a eminent Scientist ,Chairman Cum Chief Rector Of The American University USA ( AUGP  USA ) andUnited Nation University For Global Peace USA ( UNUGP USA ) ,  In an joint initiative to Establish Global Peace Through 4 Days International Folk  Dance & Music Program where  thousands of artists representatives of more than 25 Countries ( Including India } participated & performed folk Dance & music of their respective ethnic groups & Nations.

His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan in his Keynote address spoke about the importance of Peace Culture beyond all boundaries & boarders, to cultivate, Establish Global Peace For the Prosperity & Sustainable development of Nations as we all belongs to the same EARTH PLANET, sharing indiscriminately the same sun light, inhaling the same oxygen from the same atmosphere ,created by the same God The Creator Of The Whole Universe. He spoke about the ONE GLOBAL FAMILY OF ONE GOD ( Vashudhava Kutumbakam )  philosophy ,on the principle of which Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan  from the Year 1984 Onwards founded several Peace Foundations & Educational Groups of Institutions/ Academies / Universities Worldwide.

During the 4 Days Mega International Events, thousands of artists from different indigenous Folk dancers from various parts of India ,like Manipur , Assam , Bengal, UP & from Polland , Romania, Bulgaria , Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.etc., have shown their talents through their magnificent performance which has created a good bond of Peace ,friendship, reconciliation, social justice , Love , Harmony & in  one accordeness all  representatives of all Nations with covenant agreed to make this Earth Planet a Better Place of Dwelling on this earth planet  for this & future generations .

Award & Excellence Certificates  from AUGP USA & UNUGP USA were distributed on the  4th Day by  His Excellency Amb. Dr. Neeraj Tandon ,The Honry. Director Cum Dean Of AUGP /UNUGP USA , who   had participated in 4 days International Folk Dance Festival with the message of ” HARMONY , LOVE ,PEACE  UNITY AMONG DIVERSITY ” To Stop  Wars , Global Terrorism , Human Rights Violation , Organized Crime ,Drugs , Human trafficking, Ultimately To  Establish  Global Peace  to Build a Transformed Civilization Of , ” PEACE LOVING – PEACE LIVING – PEACE PRACTICING ” GLOBAL SOCIETY , which was organised  in association with  UNESCO ,CCF ,MAHAMAYA BALIKA INTER COLLEGE ,Panchsheel Balak Inter College.  A few names of the recipients of the Awardees are as follows . Dr Chhaya Jain , Ms.Santosh, Ms.Arti, Ms.Monika,Ms.Jyoti, Ms.Rajni,Ms.Shalu,Ms. Deepti,Ms. Himanshi, Ms. Shilpa,Ms. Sonika,Ms. Kiran,13. Ms. Meenakshi,Ms. Ritu,Ms. Masooma,Ashisha, Ms.Manisha,Ms.Kalpana,Ms.Geetika Ahuja,Ms.Swara Gautam,  Mr. Naved Ali ,Ms. Asha Rani ,Mr. Mukesh Kumar ,Ms. Kavita Saxena ,Ms. Poonam, Ms. Sheetal singh,Ms. Maitray ,Mr. Deepika Arora,Mr.Santosh Paswan ,Mr. Chandan,Mr. Farman,Mr. Sachin Kumar ,Mr. Sudhir Kumar,Mr.Dheeraj Kumar,Ms. Richa, Ms. Priyanka Singh ,Ms. Pooja Jain,Ms.Shakila,  etc,etc.

Her Excellency  Amb. Dr. Daljeet Kaur The Ambassador of AUGP USA  on her behalf & on behalf of all the Board of governing Council & Senate members of AUGP /UNUGP USA in all it’s  branches in 120 Countries ,has expressed heartiest congratulation to all the awardees & all the artists from all 25 Countries & their management team / Authorities etc .


Guard Of Honour Was Given To Prof Dr Madhu Krishan By Both  Men And Women Cadets And Army

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